Remnants of an Empire by ‘A Portada’

To be staged at the Cine-Teatro in Loulé, ‘Remnants of an Empire’ is set on the verandah of a colonial bungalow in Agra, Northern India.
Humorous and poignant, it tells the story of two spinster sisters, Helen and Olive, looked after by their elderly retainer, Akbar.
After India gained its independence, the family remained and the sisters – now in their 70s – recall phases of their early lives. Born in advantaged circumstances as the daughters of an English Colonel serving in ‘The Queen’s Own Regiment’, they now live a genteel existence in their decaying family home.
As the play unfolds, their tranquil lives are shattered when a young Englishman arrives. Secrets that they kept from each other are revealed, unasked questions are given unexpected answers and finally they discover what really happened to Mama.
Written by Nicky Moran with exceptional wit and a fast-moving storyline, the play by the A Portada Theatre Group is directed by Priscilla Morgan with set and costume designs by Lesley Sweeney.
It is beautifully acted by a cast of four, including Nicky Moran and Julie Holland as the sisters, Thomas Hartmann as Akbar and Simon Tubb as the young English gentleman.
Performances will be held on Saturday, March 22 at 8pm and on Sunday, March 23 at 5pm. Tickets cost €14; students pay €7.
To book a designated seat, please call the Cine-Teatro on 289 414 604. Ticket reservations can be made by emailing [email protected] or telephoning 914 091 635. Tickets can be collected and paid for an hour before the show.
By Carolyn Kain
Photo: Actors, from left, Julie Holland, Thomas Hartmann, Simon Tubb and Nicky Moran
Photo by: Peter Kain