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Remembering Harry Warner

A charity night in honour of the late Harry Warner is to be held on February 19 at the Holiday Inn Algarve in Armação de Pêra.

The evening will have entertainment provided by the popular artist Neil Warner, grandson of Harry, who died last year.

Harry Warner was a member of the St Vincent’s Anglican Church of the Algarve and any profits made on the evening will be donated to two of the charities supported by the church, with one being the Lar São Vicente in Albufeira, a home for mentally and physically disabled adults in the Algarve.

The rest of the money will be donated to a fund to help to pay for the training of two nurses who are currently attending college in Faro, with a third student to be supported in the coming year.

It is hoped that the evening will be fun and entertaining with food being provided by the Holiday Inn Algarve while Neil Warner, a well known comedian and singer from the UK, will be working to engage and charm the crowd.

The event starts at 7.30pm and costs €26 per person.

For further information about the event or to reserve a ticket, please call John Goodfellow by calling 917 341 251 or email [email protected]