Reluctant hero honoured for bravery during London terror attack

Portuguese nurse Carlos Pinto continues to say he really did nothing more than his job, but his efforts to save one of the victims of the London Bridge terror attack a month ago will see him receive the medal of honour from his home town of Vila Real.

The 33-year-old returned briefly to Portugal earlier this month, and was overwhelmed by the reception he got from locals.

“People wanted to hug me, and congratulate me for what I did and for having survived”, he told reporters.

The award ceremony is scheduled for July 20, and thus Pinto will be returning to his hometown once more to receive it.

But for now he is back at work as a critical care nurse in London, shaken by the memories of his ordeal but no longer having nightmares.

He told tabloid Correio da Manhã: “The first week (after the attack) was the worst. I found it very hard to sleep. Now things are more back to normal, but whenever I hear any kind of strange noise, I am more alert than I used to be”.

Pinto is attributed with having saved the life of a young woman stabbed in the chest in the attack that saw eight people killed (click here).

He was dining at the El Pastor Mexican restaurant in Borough market – one of a number of eateries later commended for the bravery shown by staff who threw everything they could at the attackers in a bid to protect their clients.

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