Rehabilitation work completed on Armação de Pêra’s beachfront promenade

The Municipality of Silves invested around 30 thousand euros in the rehabilitation project.

Rehabilitation work on Armação de Pêra’s beachside promenade has been completed. The recent project consisted in renovating the porous concrete pavement and wall along the Rua da Praia.

The intervention represents an investment of around 30 thousand euros on behalf of the Municipality of Silves.

The works included lifting the existing porous concrete in the damaged areas, laying down a new floor in the same material and finishing it with paint along the 185 metres stretch of the promenade.

The works also included removing and replacing the stones that make up the wall along the beachfront and constructing a new support base.

The intervention was carried out to improve pedestrian circulation and safety along the beachfront and improve the urban environment.