Regurgitating the news

Dear Editor,
Hands up who has had a bellyful of the ridiculous Madeleine stories that keep popping up every few months, not one of them holding a shred of plausible evidence?
Anyone who didn’t know the Algarve would think it was overrun with child-snatchers, voyeurs, paedophiles and pot-bellied pilferers.
The whole charade, constantly regurgitated round the world by a press that seems to repeat anything and everything without a second thought, is quite pathetic. Worse, too, is the extraordinary character from Scotland Yard who would seem to be in practice for a Dixon of Dock Green re-make. Is that man’s accent for real, or has the Madeleine circus joined forces with Pilsbury dough and the makers of Postman Pat?
The real victims of this story are the businesses in and around Praia da Luz which every year, just as the season is poised to start, are plunged back into this unnecessary spotlight. As for finding Madeleine, no doubt the next “likely abductor” will be one of the ill-fated passengers last seen travelling on flight MH370!
Yours in intense frustration