Regulator prohibits MEO from charging clients for service they didn’t ask for

It’s official: telecommunications market regulator ANACOM has prohibited MEO from charging clients for a service that they did not ask for.

The issue surfaced last month when an SMS message was sent out by the telecommunications giant offering customers an additional 2 GB (gigabytes) of internet until August 31. (click here)

Starting today, they could keep the deal for €3.99 per month, with no need for any kind of contract. To cancel the deal, customers had to call the telecom provider, MEO explained in the SMS, or the service would be charged every month.

But as consumer watchdog DECO explained, customers should not have to go through the trouble of having to cancel a service they did not ask for in the first place.

ANACOM agreed, and announced today that MEO cannot charge clients unless they “expressly requested the service” and thus acted unlawfully.

The regulator reiterated that clients no longer have to worry about calling MEO to cancel the service.

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