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Registration now open for Portimão photography contest

CALLING ALL budding David Baileys, young and old, registration is now open for the sixth edition of Corrida Fotográfica de Portimão, a photographic contest with a fun format taking place in the city of Portimão on May 20.

As per last year, the set off and finishing point for the contest will be outside the building of the council’s water and waste treatment company, known as EMARP. Armed with a normal camera and a 35mm roll of 24 exposure film, the competitors will be asked to take three photos according to eight individual set themes, based on local subject matter including the people and dwellings of Portimão, architecture and landscape. The category topics will be supplied on a four every four hours basis at specially set up control points.

What is new for this year is the reduction of the contest to 12 hours, four hours less than before, meaning that it will take place between 8am and 8pm. The reason for this is to create more opportunities for meeting and socialising with other competitors at the end of the day.

The deadline for registration is May 12 and interested parties can register in a number of ways: in person at Manuel Teixeira Gomes Municipal Library, Tourist information office, Museum documentation centre, the Portimão branches of the newspapers, Correio de Manhã and Barlavento, by post to the Museu Municipal de Portimão, 8500 Portimão, by fax to 282 417 979 or through the website of Portimão Câmara  

Taking into account the fact that 35 per cent of competitors are children, the sixth contest will include a programme of commemorations for International day of Museums, that this year is being given the theme “Museums and Young People”.  Due to this, for the first time, there will be two Youth/International Day of Museums prizes for participants aged between 12 and 18.  The winners will receive 100 euros and a photography course.

With regard to the adult prizes, there will be five prizes awarded to the five photographers presenting the best rolls of film, and these are as follows: First prize 800 euros, second prize 600 euros, third prize, 350 euros, fourth prize, 250 euros and fifth prize 200 euros. In addition, the best photo based on each of eight given themes will receive 100 euros.

Any deviation to the order and nature of the themes will imply the disqualification of the roll.

As well as the chance of winning a prize, participants will also be competing for a chance to feature in the winners’ exhibition that will be staged at Zona Ribeirinha in Portimão.

For further information about the contest, contact the museum on 282 412 238/282 470 733 or by e-mail to [email protected]