Register your view with The Resident’s online poll

PEOPLE everywhere will have made New Year resolutions and The Resident team was no different.

This year sees the start of something new, interactive, controversial and exciting for our readers.

Our website,, has undergone a facelift. We now have more up-to-date news stories than ever before, our news and feature archive system is second to none and our breaking news feed will keep you informed of the latest local, regional and national developments.

However, the most exciting addition to our website is that of our online poll.

We want to know what YOU think about important issues. Each week, we will have a poll question for you to vote on.

Voting couldn’t be simpler: log on to our site and click on the enter button. When on our home page you will find, on the right hand side, the current poll question.

To make your view known, just click on YES or NO. Your vote will then be registered and you will see an instant update on how your vote has affected the poll. The results of each week’s poll will be printed in The Resident, but you can only register your vote online.

Last week’s poll posed the following question:

Are you generally satisfied with the Portuguese health service?

The result was:

YES   34%

NO    42%


This week’s online poll question is:

The effects of global warming are becoming more and more apparent. With governments worldwide urging citizens to recycle, reduce their carbon footprint and help save the planet, what are your thoughts on Portugal’s recycling efforts

Don’t forget to cast your vote!