Regionalisation returns to political agenda

Regionalisation in Portugal took a step forward when PSD political party members drafted a revised project.

The item that required the simultaneous creation of administrative regions has been removed, while it was proposed that there should be a pilot region to test the project.

The president of the civic movement Regiões, Sim! (Regions, Yes!) and president of the PSD Algarve political party Mendes Bota, said the amendments can be “a positive step that will meet the proposals of the project”.

“The real aim of Regiões, Sim! is the implementation of the regionalisation simultaneously throughout the whole country. It is always a positive step to see that PSD party has evolved from an adverse position to a favourable position,” he added.

The leader of the national party, Passos Coelho, defended the removal of the “constitutional brake” for the implementation of the regionalisation and advocated that it is a “gradualist solution” for the country.

Regiões, Sim! calls to all other partisan forces in parliament to find a possible consensus for the major reform in the Constitution that is pending since 1976, which includes the regionalisation project that was never implemented.