Regional movement opens office

A CITIZENS’ movement defending an administrative reorganisation of Portugal is opening its headquarters in Faro on December 7.

The ceremony, scheduled for 6pm, will be followed by a dinner in Hotel Auramar in Albufeira, at 8pm, where two academic experts in regional development, Adriano Pimpão and Manuel Porto, are to explain the principles of the movement.

Named Regiões,  Sim! the citizens’ movement was created in April and is presided over by Mendes Bota, a social-democratic MP for the Algarve. Involving a large number of personalities, the movement participants say they are independent from any political, social, geographic and economic groups and beliefs.

Its purpose is to pressure the government for administrative reform. This would allow the country’s reorganisation by regions, similar to what has already been done in other European countries.

The issue was submitted to a national referendum in November of 1998, when people were asked if they agreed with the creation of eight different administrative regions, but the majority of the population voted against it.

At the legislative elections of 2005, when the ruling socialist party won the majority at the Portuguese parliament, the Regions reform was amongst the political proposals, but nothing has been done since then.

The Regiões, Sim! movement is defending the establishment of an Algarve Region with more power and independence. The movement also underlines that the nation’s constitution already predicted this reform in 1976, after the revolution that ended a 40 years dictatorship.

For more information about the Regions movement or to participate at the dinner, please contact 961 047 060 or visit the website: . Be aware this website is still under construction.

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