Regional cuisine shines at Pêra’s ‘Arraial do Petisco’

The small town of Pêra will be the place to be if you want to try some of the most delicious and traditional Algarvean specialities on the last weekend of July (29-31) and the first of August (5-7).

Entitled ‘Arraial do Petisco’, the event is one of the main gastronomic events of the Algarve’s summer season.

Visitors can try everything from ‘papas de milho’ (a Portuguese version of Italian polenta) to snails, ‘milhos com carne’ (corn and meat stew) and ‘pipis’ (giblets).

Every night will have its own special dish, including ‘ensopado de borrego’ (lamb stew with bread slices – served on Friday), ‘feijoada de chocos’ (cuttlefish stew – Saturday) and ‘cabidela de galinha’ (traditional chicken casserole cooked in the animal’s blood – Sunday).

There will also be a variety of regional sweets and desserts to enjoy, such as the well-known D. Rodrigo (cinnamon-flavoured egg thread confection) and a variety of almond-based cakes and sweets.

Tickets cost €1.50, with under-12s going in free.

Doors open at 8pm and close at 2am, with musical performances taking place every night.