Region needs blood donors

THE ASSOCIATION for Blood Donors in the Barlavento Algarve (ADSBA) recently celebrated its 15th anniversary. President Mário de Freitas said he was proud to be part of the association’s success.

Started in 1989, the association has organised over 200 blood donating events and collected thousands of litres of blood. Last year, their mobile blood bank held 22 blood collecting events in Portimão, Silves, Faro, Lagoa, Lagos and Albufeira, collecting a total of 3,398 blood samples, including 242 samples given by members of the public at the annual Fatacil fair in Lagoa. Although last year was a huge success for the association, Freitas stressed that blood is constantly needed for blood transfusions and transplants, particularly to help those who are injured in car accidents.

How to become a blood donor…

Required age: Between 18 and 65

Weight: More than 50kg

Restrictions: Donors must not suffer from any chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, anaemia, epilepsy, heart-related illnesses, AIDS, hepatitis or syphilis.

When to give blood: Have a meal before donating, and don’t drink alcohol. The patient should wait for three hours after a heavy meal.

If you have donated in the past: Men must wait up to three months and women four months before giving blood again.