Region aims to attract film makers

Promoting the region as an attractive location for film makers is one of the objectives of the Algarve Film Commission, a new Tavira-based body created by production company, Films of the Street.

“It arose a year ago and stems from the scenic, visual and structural qualities of the area,” says José Manuel Lopes, the co-ordinator of the project. Lopes says that the Commission is by no means a novel idea on a national level, although it is a first for the Algarve. Lopes stressed that, from the outset, the Commission counted on the support of Tavira Câmara and the Algarve Tourist Board.

The first significant event of the Algarve Film Commission will take place on October 22, 23 and 24. A series of meetings will be held, attended by film and national television producers, who will try to spread awareness of the potential locations in the Algarve for film makers. “The idea is to show, to around 50 people, the conditions of the region and help overcome stereotypical ideas that the Algarve is only a sun and sea resort.”

At the meeting, attendees will be given a dossier of information about the region, including attractive locations for filming.