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Refúgio dos Burros

Dear Editor,    

My husband and I  have just returned to England following a holiday in Estombar, Lagoa.

We  visited the Refúgio dos Burros and were amazed at the work that is going on there! Several Donkeys,  two sheep (Shaun and Shirley) and there must be about a hundred dogs of all shapes and sizes,  gorgeous cats and kittens, not to mention the lovely lively puppies, have filled the place to the brim!

The volunteers that help the refuge all deserve a medal. Many animals arrive there in a sorry state but after a short time and lots of loving attention, they start to look a lot happier!

I have followed your paper on Facebook for a long time and know you are a caring group, so please can you do an article or something to help this refuge and highlight the need for homes for the many animals there, and for more  volunteers as well?

We hope to visit again in September, and we shall definitely be helping out!

Joy and Dave Harding

By email

Editor’s note: Dear Joy and Dave. Thank you for your comments. The Refúgio dos Burros provides a much-needed service to the community but particularly to the needy animals of the region. The Algarve Resident has always been a supporter of theirs and we shall certainly continue to report on their good work. Thank you for following us on Facebook and don’t forget to check out our website – – for all the Algarve news and more.