Refugees: maybe we have got it all wrong?

Dear Editor,

With so many negative stories about refugees accepted into Europe who go on to commit heinous acts (from the rape of a homeless woman in Albufeira recently, to the massacre of so many people in cities like Paris and Berlin), perhaps the whole system of how people are taken in should be changed?

Your own paper has carried stories about refugees who ‘up sticks’ in the middle of the night and disappear because Portugal apparently isn’t the country where they want to be – but could it also be because they remain isolated?

Wouldn’t it be better to bring in ‘ready-made communities’ and settle them in areas which have become desertified?

I really don’t have any of the answers, but there are too many questions now to blindly continue as we have been.

Not long ago you carried a report on Euro MP Ana Gomes trying to import an entire village of Yazidi refugees from Iraq. Have you any news on this initiative?

Faithfully, name and address withheld

Editor’s note: Yes. Ana Gomes tells us that the first 100 Yazidis are due to arrive in January. But she has not yet said where they will be going.