Reforestation for fire ravaged areas gathers pace

Hundreds of indigenous trees have been donated to the fire ravaged area of São Brás in a community basedproject which has brought together various entities, in a concerted effort to restore the landscape and also assist families deprived by the disaster.

Six thousand trees were pledged in a formal celebration last week at the headquarters of the Cabeça do Velho Football Club and the appeal of social solidarity has led to the offer of 1,500 carob trees, 3,000 pine-trees and 1,300 oak trees from various sources.

The initiative has come about as a result of collaboration with the Instituto de Conservação da Natureza e Floresta, Centro Clinico Al Gharb and Associação In Loco.

This participation of companies, the State, and civil entities in the process of reforestation of the São Brás region shows that it is possible to collectively construct solutions of territorial sustainability by taking the local population as active agents in the transformation, said a joint statement.