Refood Almancil project seeks new volunteers

New volunteers are needed for the Refood Almancil project which aims to stop “good food from going to waste” and delivering it to people and families in need.

In order to promote the project among the local community, the American founder of the project, Hunter Halder, will be heading a meeting in Almancil at the E.B. 2 and 3 Dr António de Sousa Agostinho School on Friday, October 11 at 7pm.

In a nutshell, Refood is a “100% volunteer, eco-humanitarian community charity” that works “to eliminate food waste and hunger on a neighbourhood basis”.

Food that would normally go to waste is collected from restaurants, cafés, supermarkets and even festivals so that it is delivered to people who need it.

The project has attracted volunteers all over Portugal, with groups forming in many towns around the country.

Loulé council says it has been a “fundamental partner” of the project since the start and that the winning project of the 2016 people’s budget in Almancil was the improvement of the Refood facilities in the town.

The municipality’s hugely popular MED Festival is one of the events at which hundreds of kilos of food are collected.

If you would like to volunteer, you can attend the meeting or contact Refood Almancil directly.

289 355 443 | [email protected]

[email protected]