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Reduce your fuel costs and increase power

As the price of fuel continues to fluctuate, ECU-RS can ensure clients that they are getting the optimum efficiency from their car engine.

Alternatively, ECU-RS is able to improve the performance capabilities of your vehicle through an increase in torque and BHP.

At ECU-RS, staff are on hand to remap the engine control unit (ECU) to enable optimum performance levels. 

This service, which takes less than an hour to perform, can see clients cutting fuel costs by up to 20 per cent or increasing power by 35 per cent. 

ECU-RS started operating in Portugal in November 2008 with the full support of the UK based parent company.

Promotional price

Grant Fitzsimmons, an ECU-RS technician in the Algarve, said: “Remapping your ECU will give you increased performance and greater fuel economy. Here at ECU-RS we offer two services, an ECO-Tune service focusing on increasing fuel economy and a MAX-Tune service to enhance performance capabilities. What’s more, the hardware in your vehicle is not altered in anyway.”

A mobile to-your-door service is offered by ECU-RS and their service is available for cars dated from 2000 onwards.

Remapping is currently being offered by ECU-RS at a promotional price of 275 euros and every ECU-RS remap comes with a 14-day money back guarantee if you are not totally satisfied with the results.

For further information, please contact Grant by calling 968 184 668 or email [email protected]. Alternatively contact the operational manager for ECU-RS in the Algarve, Morag Richardson, by calling 936 191 682.