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Red Palm Weevil

Dear Editor,

It was very good to see, at long last, a politician trying to force state intervention when it comes to the damage caused by Red Palm Weevil (Algarve Resident, January 28 edition). 

But there was one very dangerous sentence in your report: “Mendes Bota said that the immediate solution is the removal of the sick palm trees.”

This is actually totally incorrect. Anyone working with palm trees will know that even quite sick trees

are recoverable. 

There are various ways and means of recuperating trees. In worst case scenarios, the trees have to be radically cut back and fronds removed. But it is utterly incorrect to lead people to believe that once their palm tree is infected, it is doomed. 

Anyone who owns a palm tree should be treating it with red palm weevil prevention once a month (not necessarily expensive) and advice is freely available about this at all agricultural supply outlets. 

Pedro Seromenho


Editor’s note: Dear Pedro, many thanks for your comments and important advice.