Red palm weevil

Dear Editor,

While on holiday in Galé last week I saw, what I now understand to be, a Red Palm Weevil.

I wonder if you could help, by letting me know if I should report this to any authorities – if so how.

Not being local, I have no idea whether such a sighting is commonplace or rare or whether anything could/should be done after the event.  

Sorry to bother you with this, but not being able to read Portuguese I couldn’t make sense of the local council website.

Jon Laysell,

by email

Editor’s note: Dear Jon, Thank you for your email. This is actually a big problem in the Algarve and the authorities are well aware and investing large amounts of money to eradicate the plague. As far as I am aware, the situation is now under control and many experts are working in conjunction with the local councils. Enjoy your holiday!