Recycle containers-for-food campaign

Recycle containers-for-food campaign

It’s a new campaign designed to encourage everyone to hand in drinks cartons, tins and containers which will then be ‘converted’ into food for the under-threes.

Organised by Algar, the region’s recycling entity, in collaboration with the newly-formed Entreajuda association, the campaign centres on buying food for children supported by the Food Bank Against Hunger in the Algarve.

For every ton of drinks containers collected, formula milks and baby cereals will be purchased.

This ‘Separar para Alimentar’ campaign will run for the whole of 2014.

Drinks containers and others that contain liquids (including cream) should be rinsed, flattened and then placed in the Entreajuda or Algar containers across the region, says a press release from Algar.

The Entreajuda association shares its base with the Algarve Food Bank in Faro.

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