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Recovery plan “unique opportunity” for Algarve water efficiency goals, says AMAL boss

Algarve Municipalities Association (AMAL) boss António Pina has described Portugal’s Plan for Recovery and Resilience as a “unique opportunity” to improve the Algarve’s water efficiency by allowing the region to carry out projects which have been in the pipeline for “a long time”.

As part of the scheme, around €200 million have been set aside for the Algarve’s Regional Water Efficiency Plan, which, according to Pina, is expected to be implemented by 2026 and includes several “important interventions to prevent water shortages, a recurring problem which is getting worse due to climate change”.

“These will be essential measures to guarantee and increase the Algarve’s water efficiency, and we naturally celebrate their inclusion in the Plan for Recovery and Resilience,” added Pina, who is also mayor of Olhão.

According to the plan, around 40% of the €200 million will be used to improve the region’s water efficiency, 34% will be spent on infrastructure to help the Algarve adapt to periods of drought, while 15% will go into “environmental actions” and 11% into “improving communication” between entities.

In other words, the goal will be to “reduce water losses, improve efficiency in the agricultural sector, increase the water stored at reservoirs, and promote the usage of treated wastewater and desalinated water.”

This week, the Resident spoke with the spokesperson for regional water authority Águas do Algarve (AdA) who explained that while the rainfall in the last couple months has “significantly improved” the region’s water reserves, periods of drought are only expected to worsen due to climate change. (click here)

Meanwhile, those interested in providing their opinion about Portugal’s Plan for Recovery and Resilience can do so as it was put online for public consultation on Tuesday before being delivered to Brussels for approval (click here).

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