Record score set at Espiche

Scottish golfer Connor O’Neil has made history at Espiche Golf in Lagos after setting a new record score during the Espiche Classic tournament – 67 strokes (five below par).
“This is a record that makes the Espiche Golf team very happy,” said director Luís Rocha.

“It proves that the golf course keeps getting better and that we have managed to create a balance between the natural elements of the field and the challenge and pleasure provided by the sport,” he added.

Despite O’Neil’s record-breaking performance, it was Portuguese golfer Tiago Cruz who did better overall and lifted the first Espiche Classic, part of the PGA Algarve Pro Tour, held on November 18.

As the Resident reported in October, Espiche Golf became the first non-American golf club to receive the honour of ‘Clubhouse of the Year’ – a prize awarded annually by the Golf Inc. Magazine. It came in third place in the ‘New Construction’ category.