Record nine million passengers welcomed at Faro Airport in 2019

Faro Airport welcomed a record 9 million passengers in 2019, according to national airport authority ANA.

In a communiqué sent out to newsrooms, ANA said that the unprecedented number was a result of the “synergies between partners, entities and the airport community that are committed to improving air travel to the Algarve and providing a quality service for passengers on a daily basis”.

It also said that the number of passengers at the airport has increased by one million between 2017 and 2019.

The airport authority attributes part of the success to the “investments made by ANA” to reduce the waiting time for boarding and arrivals while also renovating the airport’s terminal building and “strategically working together with many entities to contribute towards the regional and touristic development of the Algarve”.

As readers may recall, the airport’s terminal building underwent a revamp in 2017 which created more room for passengers, businesses, staff and aeroplanes and was prompted by a need to meet the demands of a larger number of passengers travelling from and to Faro.

The terminal – which saw its total area increase from 81,200sqm to 93,120sqm – is now able to cater for 30 aircraft movements and 3,000 passengers per hour as opposed to the previous 24 and 2,400, respectively.

Says ANA: “Faro Airport has been a catalyst for regional and national development in the last three decades, which has helped establish itself as the main gateway into the Algarve.”

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