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Reconstruction for sustainable tourism

AS PART of the government’s plan to improve strong tourist areas, the Albufeira coastline is being redeveloped to maximise space and natural ambience.

Architect José Adrião was awarded 14,964 euros by the government to redevelop the beach.

Secretary of State for Tourism, Bernardo Trindade, was in the area last week to familiarise himself with the companies involved in the project and to congratulate Adrião for his innovative concepts.

A 2.5km stretch of beachfront, from Manuel Lourenço to Salgados, will be redeveloped and improved – the use of space is a priority.

The project forms part of a plan to ensure sustainable tourism in Portugal, according to Trindade. He said that nature preservation and detailed planning were pivotal to the project’s success.

With more than 30km of coastline, Albufeira has 23 beaches and offers more tourist lodgings than any other area of the Algarve.

The beaches at Oura and Olhos de Água have seen great improvements in the last year and Inatel and Praia do Castelo are currently being revamped.

Campos Correia, president of CCDRA, the regional planning commission, said he hoped that the project in Albufeira would not take long to complete and that it would not affect tourism in the summer.

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