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Reckless driving kills 1,400 a year

SOME 1,387 reckless Portuguese drivers were responsible for serious accidents on the roads in 2005.

According to the latest data revealed by the Brigada de Trânsito (Traffic Brigade) and Ministério Publico, (Public Ministry), nine out of every 10 fatal car accidents on Portuguese roads in 2005 were directly due to human error, rather than mechanical faults or road/weather conditions.

According to the investigation, carried out in 2005, 92 per cent of accidents were down to bad driving, six per cent were because of poor road conditions, and two per cent due to mechanical failures.

Among the deaths caused by human error, speeding was responsible for 274 crashes or 30.3 per cent of the total while 117 accidents were caused by drink-driving, while 78 accidents were caused by drivers with more than 1.2 grams of alcohol per millilitre of blood.