Reared with love and loads of open space

Now looking for homes…

It’s all very well ‘rescuing six puppies from a dug-out in the middle of nowhere’ but Erwin Lindemann is now wondering what next. He can’t keep them all; he already has four quite large dogs… maybe he could keep one at a squeeze, but another six?

“I just can’t take them to the shelter”, he tells us. “They have grown up with all this space” – he gestures around his rural home kms from any tarmac road, somewhere close to Marmelete. “They wouldn’t understand…”

So the search is one for five people/ families who might take these little beauties off his hands.

The photo doesn’t do them justice (it is also missing two of them) … They are rather fluid Labrador/ Podengo crosses. Very friendly; hugely happy and well-fed; about eight weeks old. One or two may be medium to large eventually, the others look unlikely to go beyond  medium size.

They are literally ready to go: all they need are loving homes, and people intrepid enough to reach Erwin’s home to pick them up (that in itself is something of an adventure).

To receive directions, Erwin can be found on Whatsapp (there is no phone line) on 963065063. There is also another number, for Anastasia (which may ring without Whatsapp) 910193381.