Re: “What I miss about the UK?” (article by Trevor Holman, May 13 edition)

I thought absence was supposed to make the heart grow fonder, Trevor!

There’s nowhere perfect in this world and, on balance, I enjoy life here more than the other countries I’ve lived in, the UK being one. Each of them has things that I miss now I’m in Portugal… I miss the food and high-end shopping malls of Shanghai, the culture and skiing in Rhone – Alpes, the warm seas and wildlife in Durban, the villages and rolling hills of the Cotswolds.

Portugal has many attractions… quality of life, cost of living, security and, of course, the weather.

But let’s be fair to England, there are many positives there too: top class Asian restaurants; cultural venues like museums, stately homes and theatres. And of course, COVID vaccines!

Never mind though, Britain will be exporting some of its finest cultural ambassadors that Trevor misses so much to the Algarve any day now.