RE: Three dead with EN125 in “state of war”

Wendy Manning: There is no doubt in my mind that if the motorway toll was reduced or scrapped in August (like the Lisbon bridge used to do) then there would be less accidents. They are never going to scrap the tolls but to make the road free for one month – the busiest of the year – just makes sense to me. Get the cars off the EN125 – this is what the campaigners should look at.

Yves Goovaerts: Last year the anti-toll groups joined ‘forces’ to organise a protest. Just about 250 or so protesters showed up, which more than clearly proves that there is hardly any support for the noise they keep making. Attempting a u-turn on the 125 is about the most stupid thing to do… and at Vale do Boi there is not even a motorway alternative. I agree that the toll system implemented on the A22 is not the most intelligent of options, especially for tourists not entering via Vila Real. But in any other case it is just a matter of miserliness, ignorance, stupidity or lack of responsibility. Queuing on the 125 is much more fuel consuming and thus costly than doing the right thing: take the A22 and pay the due toll. And yes, the officials responsible should take their responsibilities as well, set aside their pride and revise a thing or two.

Jo Maes: It’s not the road, although that can be improved, but there are roads like that the world over … the drivers on this road, whether they are Portuguese or foreign with the majority being Portuguese, are amongst the worst I have come across. Most are in a rush to get nowhere, they tailgate, they squeeze in tight gaps and what frustrates me more than anything is that most of them are oblivious to other users. They hardly indicate where they are going as that seems to be too much work, and who cares anyway … it drives me mental following cars that go places without ever indicating what they are about to do.

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