Re: Satellite blackout – response to letters

Dear Editor
What a hornet’s nest I appear to have stirred up! First of all, let me address all the righteous moaning and pontificating, and give a little information to those still affected by the satellite blackout. There is a marvellous free channel, I have been told, called You can receive everything under the sun on this free live-stream site. There is no need for boxes, or cards, or even any money to change hands. All you need is a computer, wifi and something called an HDMI lead! I learnt this nugget listening to all the moans and groans (again!) as I queued up for delicious meat at my local butcher.
I cannot remember which reader it was that informed me that Brits went to Iceland because it was the only place to buy good meat, but I can only wonder at his/her sense of taste (or indeed lack of it!)
As to the remarks that I am biased, cynical and full of hate, I was simply holding up a looking glass to show people how they appeared to locals who regularly pay upwards of €50 a month for paid-for Portuguese television services (which carry a huge range of channels, internet and phone). That is what I meant about paying for our television.
The EDP audiovisual contribution is simply for bog-standard RTP channel.
Sylvia Conceição