Re: Right to reply – Infralobo 2

Dear Sirs

As a regular visitor to the Algarve for business reasons I had taken the decision to purchase a property and therefore visited the region over the festive season.

The case of the issues relating to the supply of water has been well documented and helpfully brought to my attention by your media. I have to admit the uncertainty pertaining to legitimate charging and what I have perceived to be irregular behaviour by the water provider is somewhat concerning.

I am very confused as to how people paying for their water usage can be denied a supply that is a necessity to live a healthy life. It seems somewhat ironic that the water provider, Infralobo, have inferred that prior to their investiture in the area water may have been hazardous to health. By cutting supplies they are, I believe, now causing a risk to public health and I would suggest breaching a civilised human right.

My other confusion is towards what seems to be referred to as a ‘bedroom tax’. If I were to own a property I understand, and expect, that I would pay utility charges and IMI taxes. I have been unable to establish any information relating to the bedroom tax that explains exactly what this is and how it relates to the supply of water. If you pay water charges dictated by metered usage why is there a need for a further charge?

For now my plans to invest in an Algarve property will be put on hold, a choice I expect some residents wish they could make. I admire their resilience at managing in what seem near third world conditions in a European country. For now I think I would rather line the pockets of the airline business than deal with the ambiguity and unhygienic practises within this area of the Algarve.

Yours sincerely

A Sheppard, United Kingdom