RE: Ria Formosa islanders shocked to hear “how little” Passos Coelho knew of their plight

Dear Editor,

I’m sure it was not only the islanders who were shocked to hear how little Passos Coelho knew about what’s going on at Ria Formosa (last week’s edition).

It’s strange, to say the least, that Portugal’s leader was basically unaware of one of the country’s most controversial subject matters.

The demolitions have been making headlines for months now, and although the PM certainly has bigger fish to fry he has to have had at least some knowledge of the fact that people were being unceremoniously kicked out of their homes.
I want to believe that the PM was genuinely shocked about what was going on… but then again, he’s a politician.

If he truly was unaware of the extent of this story, then something is truly wrong with the way information is passed on within this government.

One can only hope he was moved by Vanessa Morgado’s words and that he will help them achieve some justice. I mean, who better to have on your side than the Prime Minister?

C. Stewart
UK (and Lagos)