Aerial view of the plot of land earmarked for development

Re: ‘Residents up in arms over proposed massive development in Meia Praia’ (January 28 edition)

Dear Editor,

Your article strongly implied that the residents of Meia Praia had little prior knowledge of our proposed development. This is not the case, and we would ask you to print a correction based on the following facts.

1. The principle of our development was established when the Plano de Urbanização da Meia Praia was approved by the municipal assembly plan on June 11, 2007 and published on August 8, 2007. The approval followed a lengthy period of public debate and consultation. Our proposed development lies within UOPG 3 which was zoned for both residential and touristic use.

2. The detailed plan for UOPG3 was approved by the municipal assembly on February 17, 2020 and published on April 17, 2020. The approval followed a period of public consultation.

Thus, the principle of development has been in the public domain for 14 years and has always been subject to public scrutiny.

The current phase is for what is known as a plotting procedure, the principle of which is already established in law. Your readers will be interested to know that the current period of public consultation has been extended due to the pandemic allowing interested parties plenty of time to make their views clear.

Marisa Silva
On behalf of New Paradigm, Lda