RE: Relentless retailers lodge new injunction against IKEA Loulé

Dear Editor,

Having read the many comments on your article regarding the IKEA injunction, I feel compelled to give my own opinion on the matter.

I partially agree with what Victor Guerreiro said a while back. I’m not sure most people realise that besides the IKEA store, a huge mall and a retail centre will open as well.

While I don’t oppose the construction of an IKEA store – the public has already shown with astounding force that they want it to open in the Algarve – I do find the other two establishments unnecessary.

The Algarve already has AQUAPortimão, Algarve Shopping in Guia and Forum Algarve in Faro.

Do we really need another shopping centre? Is demand really that high?

Plus I don’t feel that the IKEA store needs the other two establishments to attract clients.

Having said all this, I don’t believe there is any reason for the IKEA store not to open in the Algarve.

I’m sure it will be a success given how people have reacted to the retailers’ plight.

Carl Adams, Vila do Bispo