RE: Proposal to end “animal slaughters” at Portuguese kennels launched

Dear Editor,

It’s great to see how things are changing for animals in Portugal these days.

While some may have a more negative outlook on the country’s animal situation, I personally have noticed that animals are receiving more media attention than ever before, there is an increasing amount of animal associations on the scene and just last year the government approved a groundbreaking – albeit very tame – animal protection law.

Portugal has evolved tremendously, and its newer generations generally have more respect and love for animals than those before them.

Unfortunately, there are still remnants of the past – like these ‘slaughter kennels’ you reported on, which are more akin to medieval times.

But if the media continues to pounce on these cases as soon as they learn about them – and animal associations and lovers continue to work to expose cases of cruelty – I believe that Portugal will continue to evolve into a better place for our furry friends.

Joanne Malheiro