RE: Praia da Rocha late-night revelry leads to (yet another) cliff fall

Dear Editor,

When will someone realise that these accidents will keep happening until some kind of fencing is put up along the cliff?

Year after year we hear stories of people falling and hurting themselves yet is seems nothing is done.

There is no way to stop youngsters from drinking themselves stupid, but authorities can at least try to avoid these tragic situations by erecting a fence behind Praia da Rocha’s main bar strip.

All too often I see young, clearly inebriated young people sitting on the wall and it is actually a wonder there aren’t more people getting seriously hurt.

Part of the responsibility obviously lies with the young man in this specific case, as he is already 19 and should know better than to walk along a cliffside wall while drunk. Still, it seems like much more could be done to avoid these falls.

Phil Stevenson