Re: Portuguese nurses in the UK

Dear Editor,
This makes me smile! My niece and her boyfriend, qualified nurses, leave at the end of the month to work in the UK along with 26 other recruits.
I am so glad that they are going to be employed in another country at a very high cost to the Portuguese tax payers. They need to work and it is wonderful that other countries are able to take them in.
Here we find most (not all) Portuguese nurses are surly to the Portuguese and yet kind and helpful to the foreigners. So it is only natural that often we are more critical of our own than we are about others.
Many leave not to ever want to come back, thus buying their first home in their adopted country and once again contributing to the economy. It is this sort of immigrants that countries need, not those who are going over to live off the state.
May the UK carry on contracting our nurses! It helps the economy, properties to rent, furniture, tax, fees for the employment agents, and so the other economies start to pick up and we carry on going down.
By email