RE: Portugal raises terror-alert level after Paris attacks

Dear Editor,

I have decided to write an extended answer to your poll question this week ‘Have the Paris attacks made you concerned about the refugees Portugal is expected to receive in the next two years?’

I am anxious to see the poll’s results and hope that most people will answer ‘No’.

The reason is that I believe we shouldn’t refuse to help thousands of people just because one of them might be a ‘rotten apple’.

Chances are that ISIS already has more than enough people in Europe. As the Paris attacks have proved, many of the people involved either had French nationality or had lived in France for years.

And the truth is that most of the refugees are families just like any others trying to escape war.

The worst thing that can happen is for European countries to gain a mob mentality and rally against these people who are merely seeking refuge.

There is a touching video that I recommend your readers should watch of a Muslim man wearing a sign that explains “not all Muslims are terrorists” and that if people trusted him they should give him a hug.

It’s merely an example of the kind of solidarity that sets us apart from the monsters who perpetrated the attacks in Paris.

J. Sylvester
By email