Re: Pathy

Dear Editor,

What a difference some pressure from a local journalist can make!

Pathy, in spite of her disabilities, wanted to get a job (see story ‘Double-amputee mum gets dream come true’). She even moved house to be nearer the promised job but the offer was retracted. This left her completely without hope. She sent me an email entitled “triste” (sad) and the content of it broke my heart.

Then Natasha (Donn) started prodding the two departments involved and got things moving (how does she find the time among her other news items?). When I saw Pathy last week, she had started work and was lively, cheerful and chatty – in fact a different person! Well done Natasha!

One thing I find odd: when we able-bodied people apply for a job, we have to present our CV. Pathy was never asked for hers. Surely they are more interested in what she can do than what she can’t?

Had they seen it, they would know that she’s got a university degree, is computer literate and has a good understanding of English (we’re going to work on the speaking, now that she has motivation).

Well, they are now finding out how able she is and my friend has got her smile back!

Judy Maranhão
By email