RE: Parque da Floresta in new labour strike

Dear Editor,

I was saddened to read another article in your paper about workers having to go on strike to demand their salaries (last week’s edition).

First it was the woman who chained herself to the Clube Praia da Rocha stairway, then the workers of the Vila Real de Santo António printer and now these poor people at Parque da Floresta.

Employers cannot expect their workers to perform well if they are not getting paid.

Unfortunately, this is a situation I know far too well as a family member of mine works in the hotel sector in the Algarve and often struggles with overdue salaries.

Bills have to be paid, food has to be bought… the situation can become even worse if the employee has a family to support.

In a place like the Algarve, one would not expect to see stories like these emerge as the tourism sector is the region’s livelihood.

If some hotels can’t even treat their employees well, how can they provide an enjoyable holiday to their guests?