Re: Oura “drinking district” (Algarve Resident, September 14 edition)

Dear Editor,

I think the câmara (town hall) needs to:

– Stop people drinking on the street;
– Make sure people are clothed on the street;
– Limit booze licence back to 2am for most bars and let dance bars and clubs pick up the dregs from 2am;
– Impose a law that makes apartment and hotel complexes have enough security to enable them to stop noise and rowdiness in the complexes after midnight;
– Stricter controls on the noise that bars make;
– Tighten up laws on noisy and often dangerous-looking tuk tuks.

It should be easy to implement all these with on-the-spot fines. Let’s see Albufeira go back to being a family resort where we all make more money than what we do from the young drinkers.

These are my views from owning a restaurant on the strip for the last 20 years!

Pete, by email