Re: Looming supply crisis for blood banks

Dear Editor,
I am afraid that I may be one of the people to blame for the supply crisis which is looming over Portuguese blood banks, as was reported in your January 31 newspaper.
Not because I stopped donating blood, but mostly because I never have.
It has always been something I have wanted to do, to help others and also to feel better about myself, but it seems like I always find an excuse for not doing so.
I’m not especially afraid of needles, although I cannot say I really like them, but there’s just something about the whole procedure that gives me the willies.
But it is at these moments that the thought comes into my head – what if I was in need of the blood? Or one of my family members or friends?
And reading that only 6,000 blood donors are registered at the Portuguese Institute for Blood and Transplants, out of a total of over 10 million residents in the whole country, is nothing short of shocking!
I think it’s about time we all get our arms over to the nearest hospital, health centre, or blood collection event, and offer them up for just a few minutes.
Who knows when we will be the ones in need…?
By email