Re: Lisbon’s Marcha Animal

I thought it was jolly decent of the Mayor of Faro to provide a bus to the Lisbon March. Animal lovers pay their taxes too. No doubt the Pro-Bullfight people are pretty sore about anti-bullfight events in the Algarve … in particular in Albufeira, where protests are due to start again when «animal cruelty for public entertainment» resumes shortly.
The glory days of bullfighting are in the past, but it looks like some people in the bull torture business retain the arrogance they acquired through their influence and money in the past. Still act BIG.
Well, Titanic was big too. We should make sure that bullfighting sinks without trace. We need a big crowd at the protests, please…..even though we may get pinned down behind crush barriers again, in a dark corner with GNR preventing us from speaking to members of the public.
I urge everyone to come and support us this summer … close Albufeira Bullring and let’s have Come Dancing instead!
Lesley Normington