RE: Lisbon PSP police launch animal abuse mailbox

Dear Editor,

I was delighted to read your article on Lisbon’s animal abuse mailbox, a great initiative that shows authorities are keener on preventing and punishing animal abuse.

However, I was sad to read the mailbox is aimed at Lisbon locals mostly.

Such a great idea should be extended to the whole country, and would certainly encourage people to take a more active role reporting animal abuse.

All too often I find myself speaking to people who don’t know what to do if they find an injured animal or see someone mistreating an animal. Are we supposed to take them to the vet ourselves? Who will pay the bill? Will police do anything about our complaint?

There are many questions that could easily be answered if this mailbox was expanded to all of Portugal.

Hopefully, the Lisbon mailbox will be so successful that PSP police will have to create one for every part of the country.

João Soares