Re: Letters regarding Apolónia supermarket

Dear Editor,

I have been following the back and forth correspondence between Paul Fisher and H. Trace.

Fisher, you need your own advice, a “specsavers” visit. You read H. Trace’s letter completely wrong and did not comprehend the content.

Your article was not “attacked”. You just took it personally.

What difference does the gender of the writer make? The gender is completely insignificant!

H. Trace stated you were lazy because you made the comment “you don’t have to have a disc for a trolley and take it back to the park to retrieve it”. So, the question asked was, what did you do with your trolley if you did not return it for your disc? For your information one does not need a disc. One can use a coin.

My friends and I have never seen the car park attendant or police with guns. During the many years here, I have never seen police with guns at the supermarket. Other supermarkets do NOT have police. They have security guards without guns! Only GNR, PJ, and PSP carry firearms.

How do you know if H. Trace has funds or not? Maybe the person feels the same as me. After checking and comparing prices, I choose not to shop there and I am very capable of affording their prices. I refuse to throw away my money on appearances. Some prices are double compared to other stores for the exact same item and the items do not taste better.

How can you be so naive and think the writer works at another supermarket? Did you not notice the person is from Ontario? What, has a job here?

Person did not say anyone that shops at Apolónia is a grunt! The person asked if you expect a grunt to return your cart. For your education, a grunt is a Joe Boy or a Go-For.

It seems to me Fisher is cheesed off because somebody had the gall to disagree with him.

Happy Easter.
Ms I Smith