Re: letter ‘Stop blaming the EN125 (Algarve Resident, July 16 edition)

Dear Editor,

Your correspondent is right about the 125 being mainly bad driving. But poor, nonexistent policing is also an issue. They know there is no-one looking.

But it is not the only main road where there are immense problems. I have to use the IC1. My wife will not drive on it, after being almost killed by a heavy goods vehicle driven illegally. I would need the whole of this paper to recall the appalling driving, so here are just two examples:

1) Being overtaken by a large HGV, driving at over 90kph when the limit is 90kph

2) Being overtaken at over 90kph by a car driving on the hard shoulder.  

The GNR, as always at the same spot outside Messines, with five new Brigada de Trânsito cars parked while officers stopped people for papers; never looking at tyres, faulty lights etc. Until the roads are policed properly, there will be no improvement in driving.

As to the 125, the road certainly needs work; it is a mess. Some improvements could be: the road downgraded to “acesso local”, removal of distance signs (Faro-Portimão) to be replaced by local ones and, of course, the removal of the tolls on the A22 so it is allowed to do what it was built for – be a main east-to-west through route for the Algarve/Spain.

D Taylor-Smith
By email