Re: Letter ‘Experiences with Algarve estate agents’

Dear Editor

We were really sorry to read Robert Hamilton’s letter concerning his poor experience (December 17, 2015 edition) with estate agents in the Algarve.

There are some great agents here who offer the levels of service Mr Hamilton quite rightly expects. A professional valuation based on wide experience of the market and backed up by evidence of recent sales is an essential starting point for anyone wanting to sell a house. Any good estate agent would place great value on all their staff getting to know each property they have for sale – that way if any potential purchaser walks into their offices, they will be greeted by trained staff who know what they are talking about.

Listening and then responding to the needs of buyers and sellers is also a key ingredient of a successful agent and it seems those Mr Hamilton spoke to failed in this respect too. Yes, commission is generally higher here than in the UK but good agents really work for their money and deliver results.

The vendor is our client and we always remember that, but the buyers quite often need more nurturing and care than in the UK to guide them through the process of buying property overseas.

Quality Algarve agents also offer extensive exposure of property for sale to buyers in the UK and across the other key markets.

So have faith Mr Hamilton, the right agent is out there – you just haven’t found them yet!

Richard Lamberth
Director, Fine and Country Algarve