Re: Letter “EU nonsense”

Dear Editor,

“Bothered of Boliqueime” wrote a letter entitled “EU nonsense” in your last issue and indeed we do hear a great deal of nonsense about the EU from the ill-informed, the uninformed and the plain ignorant.

“Bothered” says that “of course Britain will be best off in the long term by leaving Europe” – I wonder what his qualifications are to make such a statement?

He might think of looking closely at his own situation! If he works or runs or part runs a business here he might find that if the UK does decide (like a stroppy self-harming teenager) to leave the EU his life could become much more difficult!

Does he use the Health Service here? In the case of Brexit he will no longer be able to do so free of charge and so I hope his insurance cover is good.

Does he receive a UK state pension? Under the EU treaties, the UK treasury is bound to increase pensions in line with inflation for UK citizens living in the EU. UK pensioners anywhere outside of the EU do not have their pensions increased and some are still being paid what they were paid 25 or 30 years ago!

Britain has a permanent opt-out from the things which the Daily Mail tries to scare readers with and whatever a group in Luxembourg thinks the people who decide are the Ministers of the Member States including Britain.

“Bothered of Boliqueime” may find he has to go back to frozen Blighty to become “bothered of Birmingham”.

Contented of Carvoeiro
(Name and address supplied)