Re: Letter ‘EU nonsense’

Dear Editor,

I simply cannot understand your unnamed writer. Sorry, life will still go on after Brexit. Healthcare will be normal, just as it will be for Portuguese in UK. People will still go on holidays and move to live. Businesses will still look for profit/trade. Britain will have more control, borders, future and opportunities.

The real reason for staying in is elites/careers. The EC costs a fortune and German voters, for example, fear UK leaving because their taxes may go up to pay UK’s share. The EC needs UK and as for a failed USA leader, President Obama, he said in Germany that US wants a “United Europe” and wants UK in new secret trade deal, which wholly favours international USA businesses, who many feel wrote the agreement being discussed in secret (see Greenpeace/others).

I presume your reader lives here … well, corruption, cutbacks, low wages, the young leaving, many to UK. Greece, Poland/Hungary targeting press etc., borders closed. Is that the EC Britain ever more wants to be absorbed into?

Or does he (reader) simply believe in sheer propaganda, nonsense, and fear being pumped out by No 10?

Remember they did it over so many things, including junior doctors and recent London mayoral elections. As for war/defence, as Boris Johnson said on Tuesday, where was EC when Ukraine was attacked, and with two parts still occupied by Russia, simply because EC/Obama were too weak? Please wake up and look at the facts.

Ask yourselves why No 10 and others fear campaign? Because they have lost to reasoned argument.

By the way, I am not afraid to use my name and stand by my real research. I am capable of making my own mind up.

D. Taylor-Smith
By email