Re: Letter ‘Christmas mail misery’

Algarve Resident, January 5 edition

Dear Editor,

In response to ‘Christmas mail misery’ letter in last week’s paper, I have every sympathy with them and anyone else waiting for cards and parcels to arrive in Portugal from friends and loved ones in other countries.

I was expecting a parcel from friends in America and tracked it to Lisbon on December 19. Customs opened the parcel and on January 7 I was informed it was ready for collection at my local post office in Silves. I was told at the post office I had to pay €63 (this was the charge from customs). Not really having much of a choice I reluctantly paid.

Does this charge from customs happen in any other countries? And no Sylvia Softlely, you are not just unlucky.

Louise Dobb
By e-mail

Dear Editor,
We have also suffered from very poor mail delivery in Lagos in the last few months due apparently to lack of staff in the Lisbon Centre which affects when mail comes here.

We have been getting a mail man about 5-7 days only. We received several letters and bills yesterday some of which were posted over a month ago and that includes service bills, so some are overdue for payment. We are awaiting a small parcel from England which was sent on December 19 via the Post Office – no sign yet.

Also we received a Christmas present from our daughter in America which she sent at the end of November and arrived last Monday and we had to pay over €26 import duty charged by CTT.

They said because it was bought in USA it is liable to duty when delivered to Portugal! Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Is this correct because I can’t find anything about it.

Fred Lloyd
By email